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  Welcome to lawyer Brenna’s website. At our homepage, you will see five special columns:
  1.The “About Us” bottom will show you the introduction of lawyer Brenna and her team;
  2.The “Overview” bottom will show you some opinions of lawyer Brenna and introduce you how to use this web easily
  3.The “Practice Area” column including seven areas:
---International Marriage
---Intellectual Property
---Foreign Investment
---International Trade
---Business Negotiation
---Investment by Lawyer
---Litigations and Others
  Every area will show the relevant services contented.
  4.The “contract us” bottom will show you the ways to contact with us, you can leave the messages to us, or you can use the map and contact with us directly by the ways showed in the bottom of the website.
  5.The “中文版” is prepared for the clients who read in Chinese
  Should you have any problem, please feel free to contact lawyer Brenna by

Skype:lawyerbrenna Address:Guangli building, 136 QingChun road, HangZhou, China. ICP-09058287