How to get divorce in China
     In accordance with the Marriage Law of P.R.C and relevant regulations,if couples cannot reconcile through mediation due to the broken of the marital relations, the court shall approve the request of divorce. With the practical experience in trials, one of the following situations is needed:
1.Bigamy or commits adultery or illegal cohabitation
2.Domestic violence or abuse, abandonment of family members. One party is abused or deserted by the other party, maltreats or is maltreated by the other party’s relatives. The impeachable party refuses to mend his/her faults despite repeated admonition or cannot be tolerable by the other party.
3.Gambling, drug abuse and other vices incorrigible
4.Both parties have separated for two full years owing to emotionally disharmony and there is no chance of reconciliation for them; or both parties separate for another one year after the court’s judgment of dismissing request for divorce.
5.Other cases result in alienation of mutual affection and leading to marriage breakdown. such like:
 One party suffers from the diseases that legally prohibit him from getting married, or one party is physiologically incapacitated or for other reasons one party loses sex instincts, which is difficult to cure.
 Both parties got married without due care and mutual understanding, so they are difficult to live together.
 Before marriage, one party conceals his history of mental disorder, which cannot be cured after marriage; or one party suffers from mental disorder and cannot recover through long-time treatment during the family life.
 One party cheats the other party or plays tricks on marriage registration in order to get the marriage certificate.
 After the marriage registration, both parties separate and cannot reconcile any more.
 Through arranged marriage or mercenary marriage, one party requests for divorce soon after the marriage or both parties cannot build affections through several years’ family life.
 One party is sentenced for long-term imprisonment or his/her offenses have seriously hurt the conjugal relation.
 One party has been unaccounted-for for 2 full years. In case the other party brings a divorce case to court and the party cannot be found through public announcement, the divorce shall be adjudicated.
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