How to erase your risk in the international trade

   If you are a businessman in the foreign trade, there will be at least one factor which is out from your hometown or your own country you are not familiar with, and you’d better make it clear especiallly in the frist deal.
   Take a sceptical attitude on the unclear matter is not always my duty, but as lawyer who is be trusted, I strongly suggest you have a clear idea of your trading partners for the future. Following are some little skills may be useful for you:
   Fisrt, doing business in china need a formal registration in the Commerce and Industry Bureau, it is called the business licence in china,and out of china, it may called registration paper or just registration information, you’d better ask for a look , or keep a copy of that if possible. During my lawyer career, always happen is that someone even do not know what exactly the name of the other party! Only know about the person who you deal with is not enough, you need know the Rechtspersonen in the contract.
   Second, credit standing and respectability are very important. There is a famous chinese saying that know about ourselves and others, we will never lost a battle! Lawyer can help you make a deep research on the company or the person who you dealing business with. And a good new start will be very helpful for your whole business.
   Third, sign a good contract. You may say that without a good contract, my business is still good and smoothly, then, congratulations and hope good luck is always around you. But a good contract can help your reach a better status in the your business. I believe you will have no doubt on this point.
   Of cause, the above can not expended every detailed factors in the business trading, if any Further questions, contact lawyer brenna directly: write to or add MSN:
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