Contents of Attorney due diligencet

l         The basic information, evolvement and organizational structure of the company Registration:

Ø         Ownership structure

Ø         Subsidiaries and branches

Ø         Key events of purchasing and selling assets

Ø         Business scope

Ø         Registered capital and Regdate

Ø         Directors of the Board and members of the upper management team

Ø         auditing results of the last three years if available

l         Creditor’s Rights:

Ø         Details of rights

Ø         Collateral/guarantee status on the rights

Ø         Duration of the creditor’s rights

Ø         Legal actions pursued

l         Debts and Liabilities:

Ø         Details of the liability

Ø         ollateral/guarantee status on the Liabilities

Ø         Mortgage and pledge

Ø         Duration of the liabilities

Ø         Legal actions pursued

l         Properties, valuable assets and intangible assets:

Ø         Land property

Ø         House property

Ø         Automobiles

Ø         Patents and self-developed technologies

Ø         Mortgage and collateral status on the above listed assets

l         Lawsuits:

Ø         Lawsuit put out by the subject company, as Plaintiff

Ø         Lawsuit against the subject company, as Defendant

l         Other issues and comments:

Ø         Violations by any of the shareholders, directors and executives if there’s any

Ø         Significant business operational violations by the company

l         Other information needed.

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