How to invest in China

   It’s reaaly a big subject about how to invest in China. here as a lawyer in China, I just show you a list about the most improtant points you need to concer more:
   1、Know want you want:
  You need find out which form is the best way to perform your investment in China: set up a representative office ? Do as a strategic business partner  in the JV company? Or, set up the wholly foreign-owned enterprises? And as a limitted company or a partnership enterprise? Better make your dicision acoording to your own business plan with the help of your lawyer in China;
   2、Find a suitable place for your office and factory:
  The laws of China is applied everywhere in China, however there are a little differnce about the tax preference  in every province of China, and the different disticts of the city in the province. And also you need to concer about your cost about your land price and the labor cost, all those among the cost of your operational costs  such as the tracffic and the marketing.
   3、Start your business according to the law:
  Once you make your decision you need to set up your business form accoding to the law, and of cause, follow the laws of china always, or you may have to face endless big or small troubles in your busieess.
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